Animalzone, multi-disciplinary design and marketing

I have been involved with the Animalzone brand on an ad hoc basis over the span of the last ten years. Recently the relationship has formalised into the role of marketing consultant. I spend a lot of time on this account, mostly design, communication, social media, marketing related activities, management and the admin that goes with it. The picture below was taken at the Pet Expo where I also personally represented the brand together with other members of the team. I enjoy engaging with customers on this level as it is very valuable in the sense of discovering how customers perceive your brand (and of course the thrill of making sales).

The Animalzone brand is currently in a transition state. In the past, the product was known as Animalzone’s Petline. It was also available as the Animalzone veterinarian range, until recently when I was appointed to create a better looking identity. I utilised the best elements of the previous identity and streamlined the brand to the tastes of the owners, still making sure that the transition is recognisable to the existing clientele. The product is international, of high quality and very popular with pet bird owners here and abroad. Part of the brand objective is to educate the market on proper bird nutrition. However, there are also a few other (non avian) pet products available. Although the product has been available on the national market for quite a while, I is still consider it very young and many people have yet to discover it and use it.

On the picture below is a mix of the various items. Some of the packaging has not migrated to the new look yet – the very reason why developing this international brand has to be handled with care. The banners, table cloth etc. fully represent the new look. The new packaging is being phased in and soon all the products on the retail shelves will be converted to the new packaging.




The petline range (the original concept also a product of my studio) as it is currently available in retail.




Below is the current mix of branding being phased out, with the hybrid design represented below as seen on the “Muesli” product.  The packaging is physically stronger, the information is available on the packaging in 6 languages, has printed V numbers and subscribes to all recent retail requirements. It is also more economical to produce and the products take on a more generic feel to ensure cost effective production. A typical example of where design is applied while keeping the business objectives in mind.




Branding and advertising items according to the new guidelines, experience the revamped Animalzone brand…



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