Customer-orientated branding for Agricol

Branding and corporate identity development

My task was to optimise and manage the digital marketing account.  After an initial analysis, it became clear that a deeper question needed to be answered in order to perform the job effectively…

Although the Agricol brand is relatively settled, I didn’t think that the product offering was clear enough to the general public. I wasn’t sure if someone like me could even be a customer of this company, or whether I was meant to be one.  To the man on the street (and potential undiscovered markets), it would not be clear what is on offer, from only the basic branding, so it was my objective to organise this a bit and simplify it into one visual. Some add-on branding and corporate identity design was required.

In most existing marketing material Agricol was described as “a seed company with deep inroads into the South African and international markets.” But the question to be answered was really “what can a seed company do for me?” What does a seed company offer? Seed. What do I do with seed? The answer should not be complicated.

Taking this clear and more customer-orientated approach I constructed this visual to serve as a guide for our thinking, communication with the client, and to act as the foundation for any further work.



The final visuals were implemented on social media channels to both reflect the slogan “go for growth” and to summarise what Agricol can do for you, with the objective to also stimulate markets outside only the farming community. This can be useful to incorporate into the overall corporate identity of the company.

branding corporate identity design


Ad hoc branding work included product icons (and slogan development) that were designed to resemble each other in order to organise and group the different product offerings better. This series of icons is still developing and planned to eventually simplify and categorize many more product groupings in the Agricol range. So far, the first two icons were for a mix of seed for forage and a mix of seed for turf. Simple. The visual below includes the initial conceptual to illustrate how the branding can be applied in various ways, for example should retail style packaging be considered instead of generic or bulk for future strategies or markets.

Another consideration for a group of products was the Championship range, but the decision was made to replace it with a bigger group name, TurfMax, see last illustration on the page.


The ForageMax logo and the newest addition TurfMax in their final and most basic formats, which have been implemented.


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