Logos and identity – as unique as your business

A selection of logos and identities in different styles. The majority of these are completely original designs, although some were revamp requests only. In general the logos formed part of a bigger design service and were created to set the stage for further branding related to the company. Scroll down to view more case studies with explanations of the rationale behind some of my designs…..


Rationale – new identity and branding for Klapmuts Bird Clinic and future branches

A versatile,  iconic graphical development that personifies the character of parrots. The negative space ringneck and beak also resemble a surgeon’s mask. The symbol illustrates the typical behaviour of birds grooming. At the core of the design is a heart shape which illustrates the clinic’s loving attitude. The logo is intended to make you smile and bring out the vulnerability and cuteness of the avian pet and soften the blow of your sick bird.


Rationale – new identity and branding for the proposed Vujikari Estate in Mosselbaai

The symbol resembles a shell and the raised landscape where the estate is to be positioned. Stock images were utilised to stimulate the senses and make you think of how life in Vujikari will be. A quiet, sophisticated lifestyle with lots of inspiring activities and tranquil living, sunrises and sunsets, long walks on the beaches, lounging around. The typography also reminds of growing reeds, to continue with the idea of a relaxed and natural setting.



Rationale – IT4Me

The intent of the corporate identity is to be both technical, yet informal to signify the company’s technical ability, but also their approachable manner of doing business. The slogan describes the ease and speed of their service.




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